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Policy on Player Attendance at Competitive Tryouts

The success of our annual tryout process is based upon the premise that our independent evaluators are able to observe and fully evaluate all participating players during the various stages of the process. This is necessary to enable our evaluators to suitably rate each.

As players grow and develop at varying rates, it is not unusual to see changes in a player’s ability over the course of the summer or from season to season. For this reason, it is very important to have the opportunity to compare players in a common forum to ensure we place each at the most appropriate level. For this reason, our expectation is that all players will attend all tryout sessions.

We also understand that from time to time, there are valid circumstances that preclude participants from attending. For this reason, we have established this policy to guide our actions in these situations.

Sickness or Injury: If any participant becomes sick or injured and cannot attend one session: The player shall be ranked for the sessions in which they participate and their score shall be pro-rated for the session they are unable to attend.

If a player becomes sick or injured and is unable to attend multiple sessions but will be able to attend a portion of the tryouts: The player shall be ranked for the sessions in which they participate and their score shall be pro-rated for the session they miss. In addition, the evaluation team will attempt to determine additional background information (i.e. past performance) to assist in making an appropriate ranking.

The players becomes sick or injured and is unable attend any portion of the tryout process: The player will be ranked based upon any background information that the evaluators can access such as past performance with prior teams, coaching reports from those teams, and any other pertinent information available to them. In cases where injuries eliminate participation for a lengthy period of time and if a player has been assigned to a specific level based upon the ranking of the independent evaluators, a roster spot will be held open until such time that player is able to return.

In cases of a significant injury (one that causes the player to miss multiple sessions), a note from the attending physician approving the player’s return to play is required before the players can rejoin the process.

Compassionate Reasons: In addition to sickness or injury, we recognize that there are specific activities that are significant to our players in addition to family matters that may arise and which take precedence. The following situations shall be considered for compassionate reasons:

• A family tragedy;

• Attendance at a regional or national event (i.e. sporting championship) that arises from the player’s participation in an activity over the summer where the activity necessitates the player to attend as part of their commitment to that activity; or

• Specific religious holidays. In all cases, it is critical that the parent/guardian notify the respective Divisional Director as soon as they become aware that the player will be absent and when the player is expected to return. Failing this may have an adverse impact upon the player’s overall evaluation. It is also important to note that while we will make every effort to properly evaluate players who encounter these situations, there are significant challenges associated with evaluating and ranking players who are absent and, as such, every effort should be made to attend sessions.